The worst nightmares of humanity have come true. In his secret labs, an evil tycoon has manufactured and released a virus. The virus is turning the “infected” into evil zombies that are hell-bent on destruction and killing everything in their path. But one group of soldiers has avoided getting the infection. Now, they must struggle through the hordes of zombies to their base and protect it until a cure is found.

In this exhilarating “Tower Defense” game, you possess the ability to place tactical units in their way as you battle from your town, across a seaport, through a forest and finally into the military base where an antidote is being worked on.

There are 12 “ordinary” zombies and 4 bosses.

Among the 12 ordinary ones, there is a Zombie Assault Vehicle unit, which is capable of destroying existing towers. Each tower has 5 upgrades from level 1 to level 5.

Each upgrade increases range, fire rate and damage of the tower.

Dead Uncleansed tower defense combines the best of TD games with new and unique features such as transformation of your units into zombies after being defeated, loot that zombies drop after death, and an ability of certain zombie units to destroy your towers, and much more.

Dead Uncleansed

  • - Epic battles
  • - Lots of enemies: both infantry and machines
  • - 4 unique territories to defend, allowing you to have a full battle experience
  • - 24 levels
  • - Infinite level
  • - 6 upgradable towers
  • - 3 awesome heroes
  • - Zombies will attack your towers
  • - Zombies will drop loot after death
  • - 4 epic bosses

Come join us in an epic quest to save humanity in this graphic rich, extreme tower defense game!